How to change WordPress dashboard icons

“Dashicons” is the official icon font of the WordPress admin as of 3.8.

Please find below link to check dashboard icons to use and change.

Goto Dashboard icons

Use below code to set icons for wordpress custom post types.

Use below code in functions.php

function wpdocs_create_post_type() {
register_post_type( ‘acme_product’,
‘labels’ => array(
‘name’ => __( ‘Products’, ‘textdomain’ ),
‘singular_name’ => __( ‘Product’, ‘textdomain’ )
‘public’ => true,
‘has_archive’ => true,
‘menu_icon’ => ‘dashicons-products’, // Here change Icon
add_action( ‘init’, ‘wpdocs_create_post_type’ );

WordPress site will slow because of sessions in some cases

Yes some times WordPress will slow because of sessions

In some cases we have started session in functions.php and header.php.

When we place session_start() in header.php site will slow down at that time we need to use cookies like below

Set cookie 

<?php setcookie(“CookieData”, $value, time() + (86400 * 30), “/”);  ?>

Get cookie

<?php echo $_COOKIE[“CookieData”]; ?>